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Everything Everywhere All at Once: Sustaining an Art practice in the internet age. Alt. title - I'm diversifying social platforms while I fly by the seat of my pants.

Updated: Mar 28

Phone showing social media apps next to an espresso
An acurate representation of my phone/morning now

Exciting Announcement: I'm expanding from 'just Instagram'

In a 'bold' move to enhance my online presence and offer more avenues for art enthusiasts to discover and engage with my work, I've decided to expand my digital footprint.

Alongside my trusted website, I'm venturing into uncharted territories, embracing four new platforms: TikTok, Pinterest, Etsy, and Facebook. This decision stems from a shift in perception of my practice, or more a more apt description would be taking a few steps back with my bank statement in one hand and a metaphorical paintbrush in the other.

Maintaining the integrity of my practice remains paramount, as I'm sure those of you with an arts practice agree, but I'm also becoming more acutely aware that I need to sustain it financially and ideally through it. As I pondered this expansion, and my previous hesitation to embrace prints etc, I realized the need to widen my preconceptions of my art's value and what influences that. While art can be viewed through a conceptual lens, it also exists in the realm of 'product', sought after for myriad reasons. And if the Tate can display art and sell prints of the same work without affecting the perceived value of the original then why should independent artists be concerned with throwing their work's artistic integrity into question through the formats in which they share and profit from their work? This realization prompted me to view my practice not just as a creative endeavor but also as a viable business. Moreover, I recognized that I can make my work more accessible by offering it across a wider price range than the original.

So, let me give you the rundown of where you'll find me—there's no escaping now!

Analog camera with Facebook live logo on it
I wish it were this simple

1. TikTok: Behind the veil

TikTok may seem like the Wild West to me, but I'm diving in headfirst! Expect a glimpse into my creative process, experimental ventures, added a shop section—because why not?

2. Pinterest: Curating Inspirations

Join me on Pinterest, where I'll curate collections featuring my work. It's all about fun and exploration!

3. Etsy: An alternative purchase point.

For my fellow UK residents who prefer another online shopping option, I'm launching on Etsy. I'm a nervous online shopper and figured it would be nice to offer another third-party purchasing platform for the UK. For my American friends, you can find me on Chairish as well as through my website.

Also, having another arena to share my work can't be a bad thing, right? For my American collectors/customers I can take sales through my website as well as through Chairish.

4. Obligatory Facebook

No online presence is complete without Facebook, right?

How to Connect:

Ready to hop on board these 'thrilling' new platforms? Here's where I'll be!:

Stay in the Loop:

Subscribe to my infrequent newsletter and join me on social media for updates. Your support means the world to me!

Final Thoughts:

I'm excited to embark on this journey, expanding our online community one platform at a time. Whether you're seeking inspiration, behind-the-scenes insights, or a new addition to your home, I invite you to join me on TikTok, Pinterest, and Etsy.

Your support is invaluable, and I'm incredibly grateful for each and every one of you!

P.S. sorry if this was an extremely boring blog post, next one will be more fun!

Lu x

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