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My practice explores memory and perception of self through the constructs of paint and film.
Primarily utilising cinematic source imagery from obscure 1950s-90s b-movies, I address the intangible nature of memory and the shifting impressions of lived moments. Re-contextualising women from these sources, the paintings form a series of anonymised figures occupying fractured and fabricated environments. Liberated from their original medium and plains of existence, they are absorbed into the painted realm I has been developing throughout my oeuvre; their context reconstructed and their world shaped around them, they act as cyphers to the experienced - to be glimpsed and examined.

This piece is about reflection on self, of headspace, of versions of ourselves that once existed.


Oil and Acrylic on Board.


100 x 70 cms

Give Her a Minute, She'll Be Back

£6,000.00 Regular Price
£4,500.00Sale Price
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  • No returns accepted on original artwork.

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